Saturday, July 4, 2009

How easily they go astray

I had previously posted that my step-daughter and I had finally reached a wonderful relationship. That has all gone to _ell! I don't know what happened or how it happened, but she wants nothing to do with her father and I. I love her, but am so frustrated with her. We sent her to school and she quit 1 yr short of graduating, and has decided not to have any contact with us. The last time I talked with her was December 25 of 08. I ask myself all the time, were we to hard on her? Did we not help like we should have. Then I get angry! I have another daughter that had some really bad things happen with her, but now she is soaring high in the sky. One I thought would be no problem and one I thought would be. Lord, you just never know!

Gender Bender?

I have not been on here for some time! I still search in the shadows! I haven't actually done a real thesis on what percent of adotee's sex are actually found, but from all my readings, I believe I am the wrong sex. I constantly see males being found, and yes a handful of females. I can't help but wonder if I were a male would I have been found already? I still have hope, but not as much as I used to. I realized a long time ago that it really isn't in my cards. My adoptive brother was always the lucky one. His birthmother wanted to know him, and he was not ready at the time. I have had the privalage of getting to know his bMother and his family, so I knew that this was the extent that I would get. I wish that you were looking for me...Someone, anyone....You would not be sorry, I am content in my life with my husband and children. You would benefit from getting to know me. You would never have to publicly acknowledge me, but offer me your friendship. NO one would have to know that I am your child! I have had a very happy life and would not want it any other way! Maybe some day....