Saturday, April 14, 2007

Controversial Movies and in the news

I have been reading so many post on the Disney movie "Meet the Robinson's", and discussions about Imus. I think we live in a world that needs controversy . Meet the Robinson's movie, is portraying an adoption related story line that adoptive parents believe is confusing to their adopted children. My personal opinion on this is simple...The adoptive parents need to stop projecting and implying a potential problem. I think the children are just seeing a funny movie that has inference to adoption. What child would impose themselves as the character if not for someone putting the thought in their head. The director himself was adopted, and I am sure that he thought the story line through. I believe he wanted to get the point across that it doesn't matter where you come from, as long as you move on you can get past it. Building a strong character proves that you can succeed in life.
The Imus story to myself is ridiculous. He was hired as a shock jock, and that is what he has always done. He is not just prejudice to one race, religion or ethnic group. I have seen him be just as rude and uncaring to people that work with him. I did not see his comment as being out of character for him. My belief is he will be on XM with Howard Stern making much more money in the long run. Then what will the naysayers do? If he isn't on XM, I think he has already made a comfortable living as the shock jock he was hired for. I think sometimes is better to let things run off your back. Two people have precipitated this and they I feel are the ones that need to be stopped or racial prejudices will continue to get worse. It would be nice to live in a world that you could count on the next guy. Whom ever that may be.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Weekend with my own Daughter

My Daughter (step) invited me to spend this past weekend with her. She is going to college in Arlington, Texas, and her best friend from 8th grade was celebrating her 21st birthday. I felt very honored to be invited to partake in the festivities.
I know this is not exactly adoption related, but I feel that being a step parent in some ways parallels adoptive parents. When my (step) Daughter first moved in with my husband and I we had a very strained relationship to say the least. Amanda was 11 going on 12, and as we all know this is a very difficult age. All those hormones raging through the body.
We both struggled to get and maintain some type of relationship. I think the turn around came when she turned 16. Her and I really started talking and confiding in one another. She always called me Mrs. Kelly. Some people asked me if that bothered me and I always said no. I am also a (step) Daughter and know how these relationships can be. I did not call my stepmother Mom until I was 14 or 15. I have always said that just because you are given the title of Mom does not make it deserving to you. I felt that I would be called Mom by Amanda if I was deserving of such an honor. She started calling me Mom about 3 years ago. I know that the word Mom to her is important, and I feel so honored that she decided to call me Mom.
After the wonderful weekend with My Daughter, I feel very blessed to be given the chance to be her Mom.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Is your Mama a Llama? Are you My Mother?

Books and expressions are part of my memories of my childhood, and knowing that I was adopted. These two books Is Your Mama a Llama? by Steven Kellogg and Are You My Mother? By: P.D. Eastman are two that stand out in my head. Last night for so unknown reason these to books popped into my mind. I have known that I was adopted since the age of 3. I am not sure what at that age I understood, but I don't think it really made any sense until I got older.
I remember that these two books held my fascination more so than others. I would sit and try to imagine who my mother was. I know I had a Mother, but she kept telling me that there was another unknown Mother out there some place. We would go to the mall or to eat somewhere, and I would look at all of the women and think is that my Mother.
My adopted Mother told me that her and my father went to the hospital and picked me out of a lot of different children. I was the "Chosen one". he he. I have to admit being told that enough times I started to believe it. She (a/mom) always said positive things about my Birth Mother and Father. I am glad that she did, because I have never felt unloved by either set of parents. One set gave me up for the good of my life and the other picked me for the good of my life. Who could be luckier?
Later in life a new expression popped up "Who's Your Daddy?" Well, once again I would say who knows! It could be the postman, baker, banker, or the homeless man on the corner downtown or the richest man on Earth. Or in some cases I would often reply which one, I have 3 Daddies. Birth Daddy, Adopted Daddy and Step Daddy. he he
Now that I have shown a different side of myself for all to see...I hope if my Birth Family reads this they don't say "thank god we got rid of her" Just joking.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Support Encouragement Love

I am so impressed by the people that I have met on adoption related sites. I have been given so much by people that I have never met. I read of there own adoption related stories, and I have realized that I am not alone. Its nice to have these strangers write and tell you that what your feeling is normal. I also appreciate the honesty that the Birth Parents freely give. It helps me as an adoptee to see the truth of what can happen in adoption.
It then makes me wonder, why can't everyone be like this. So helpful and understanding to a virtual stranger. I try to be a better person that is kind and thoughtful of others. I want to give back what I have received.