Thursday, April 5, 2007

Is your Mama a Llama? Are you My Mother?

Books and expressions are part of my memories of my childhood, and knowing that I was adopted. These two books Is Your Mama a Llama? by Steven Kellogg and Are You My Mother? By: P.D. Eastman are two that stand out in my head. Last night for so unknown reason these to books popped into my mind. I have known that I was adopted since the age of 3. I am not sure what at that age I understood, but I don't think it really made any sense until I got older.
I remember that these two books held my fascination more so than others. I would sit and try to imagine who my mother was. I know I had a Mother, but she kept telling me that there was another unknown Mother out there some place. We would go to the mall or to eat somewhere, and I would look at all of the women and think is that my Mother.
My adopted Mother told me that her and my father went to the hospital and picked me out of a lot of different children. I was the "Chosen one". he he. I have to admit being told that enough times I started to believe it. She (a/mom) always said positive things about my Birth Mother and Father. I am glad that she did, because I have never felt unloved by either set of parents. One set gave me up for the good of my life and the other picked me for the good of my life. Who could be luckier?
Later in life a new expression popped up "Who's Your Daddy?" Well, once again I would say who knows! It could be the postman, baker, banker, or the homeless man on the corner downtown or the richest man on Earth. Or in some cases I would often reply which one, I have 3 Daddies. Birth Daddy, Adopted Daddy and Step Daddy. he he
Now that I have shown a different side of myself for all to see...I hope if my Birth Family reads this they don't say "thank god we got rid of her" Just joking.


Ungrateful Little Bastard said...

What's funny is I don't remember any books from my childhood, but I do have a very vague memory of a book my mom used to read to me over and over about being adopted. I think the color scheme was grey and pink, and I believe there was a matching parent's book too. I've tried to google it but can't find it. I just have this one memory.

Laurie Jean said...

Hi Ungrateful Little Bastard,

I'm a bastard who also had those two gray books. They must have been a popular adoption accessory back in the 1960's, as I had them and so did my best friend.

Here's a URL where you can actually still buy the set! Oy.

Ronia said...

Great work.